The Officers of CWA Local 2107 strongly urge our members to take full advantage of educational benefits that have been bargained for in their respective companies, such as the Verion Tuition Assistance Plan (VZTAP) and the Tuition assistance plan available to at&t Mobility workers.

Some of these classes are aimed at helping you improve your skills in jobs you already hold or to gain the skills to move to other jobs in your company or other jobs in the telecommunications field. Classes include training in Microsoft Office, A+ certification, fiber optic networks, Local Area Networks (LANS) and Voice Over Internet Protocal (VoIP). Others are meant to help you with searching for a new job, writing effective resumes and mapping out your education plan.

Some of this training can be completed on line and some of these companies can bring the classes to us if there is enough interest. They can even set them up at our Local Office. If you see a class that you are interested in contact the local office. If we get enough people to commit to one we will try to make arrangements that work for everybody.

To that end here are links we currently have to some of the education opportunities that are available. This list is by no means complete and we will be working to add content to this page as time goes on.



The Sage Group

 Future Link  
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Verizon test study guides also available at FutureLink

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